Ignite your marketing, create a movement & start signing consistent clients!
Free Training Experience Begins May 8th

Stop Being Your Industry's
Best Kept Secret!

It's time to ignite your marketing, create a movement and start generating consistent clients.

If you're a coach, service provider, or consultant who wants to add stability and predictability to your business by learning the marketing secrets to attracting consistent leads into your business, this free 4-day live online training experience is for you! 

In Just 4 Days You Will Unlock The Secrets To Igniting A Movement That Helps You Stand Out Online, Attract Your Perfect Future Clients, And Sell Your Offer With Confidence!

Day 1

Get ready to ignite your business vision and purpose on day one of the Ignite live training experience! As the CEO of your business, you are the visionary! I'll help you tap into that visionary power to align your purpose, mission & values with your marketing efforts for ultimate success. You'll gain the clarity you need to achieve your goals and take your business to the next level!

Day 2

On day 2 of the Ignite live training experience we'll explore the shift that's happening in the online space and discuss how service providers, coaches, and consultants can adapt to stay relevant and effective in their marketing efforts. You'll learn valuable insights on how to stand out in your industry and create a powerful impact. If you aren't changing & adapting your aren't growing.

Day 3
Day 3 is all about magnetizing your brand and attracting your perfect future clients.  It's not just about showing up, it's about your unique je ne sais quoi and how that transcends through your marketing. The focus is on teaching you how to develop a magnetic brand and marketing message that will set you apart from the competition, attract your ideal clients, and build a loyal following. 
Day 4

Day 4 is all about the money honey!  I'll show you how simple and stress-free sales can be through my signature Simple Sales Framework. It's time to remove the stigma and awkwardness around selling and start making sales with confidence. You'll learn valuable techniques that will help you approach sales with ease, and sign consistent clients online.  Sales can be simple and fun!

Hot Seat Coaching

There will be a bonus day where I will choose a few students to coach live.  This is an opportunity usually reserved only for my clients!

Templates & Tools

Customizable templates & tools that will save you time and effort.  

Daily Prizes

You will have an opportunity to score some sweet prizes just for showing up and doing the homework! Gift cards, program scholarships & more!

Meet Your Coach.

Hey There! I’m Rebecca!
When I first launched my business over 18 years ago, I struggled to figure everything out.   I spent hours reading every article and book I could find, scouring the internet for information and spending thousands of dollars on programs trying to piece bits and pieces of information together to learn how to build an online business.

There were so many times I felt like quitting and I just wished I could find a step by step roadmap that would tell me the exact steps I needed to take to build my business and sign clients without it being complicated and overwhelming.

Since then I have gone on to build three successful online businesses in both the service based industry and E-commerce space. Needless to say I have learned a thing or two about how to run a start and grow a successful online business.

I made a promise to myself in those early days that when I did figure it out, I would make it my mission to help other women start a business without all of the struggle and wasted time and energy that I went through.

And that’s why I am so passionate about teaching women business growth, lead generation and simple marketing strategies that help you get off of the client feast or famine roller coaster and make consistent income.