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One of the biggest struggles for online service providers and coaches is finding clients to work with.

In this podcast series my goal is to eliminate that struggle.

In these four episodes, I will share with you the three secrets to building confidence in your offer, authority in your niche, and finding your perfect clients with ease so that you can build a simple and profitable business.

Episode 1


In episode 1 we are going to discuss how to shift your mindset from believing that running a business has to be time consuming and complicated to one that encompasses that business can be simple and fun! We will deep dive into the Five Ones concept for simplifying your business and how to identify a profitable niche to market. We will also touch on why imposter syndrome is keeping you stuck and robbing you of the joy you can experience in your business.

 Episide 2 


In this episode we are going to discuss how create an offer that will provide your clients with an amazing transformation which in turn will give you the confidence you need in yourself  to be able to price your services in a way that will generate income and have your clients feel like they are getting the bargain of a century.

 Episode 3


In this episode we will learn how to market your offer so you can find clients who are ready to raise their hand, say yes to your offer, and be ready to hire you on the spot.

 Episide  4 


We will take a deep dive into the Simple Business Startup Framework and I will show you a behind the scenes with the step by step system of how I help my clients to build a simplify their marketing and attract clients online.


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