Ready To Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Simple Lead Success Secret Podcast Training Will Show You How

Episode 1: Mindset Matters

Episode 1 is all about shifting your mindset and reframing your thoughts around sales and signing clients. We will also dive into why imposter syndrome is keeping you stuck and robbing you of the joy you can experience in your business. .

Episode 2: Offers To Serve

You will learn how create an offer that will provide your clients with an amazing transformation and give you the confidence you need to price your services in a way that will generate income and have your clients feel like they are getting the bargain of a century.

Episode 3: Content That Converts

The job of your content is to attract your perfect fit clients and that begins with strong messaging. You will learn the secrets to creating content that has clients raise their hand, say yes to your offer, and be ready to hire you on the spot.

Episode 4: Simple Sales

This episode is about the money honey! You will learn how simple and stress-free sales can be through my signature Simple Sales Framework. It’s time to remove the stigma and awkwardness around selling and start making sales with confidence.

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